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Wheellator 3-in-1 Electric rollator 36.0 lb


Color: Silver

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What You'll Discover:

  • Advanced Features: Delve into the innovative functionalities that make your wheelchair exceptional. Learn about the latest technology and how it can improve your daily life.
  • Folding Instructions: Follow our detailed, step-by-step instructions to easily and efficiently fold your wheelchair. Perfect for travel and storage, these guidelines make transportation hassle-free.
  • Battery Management: Discover expert tips on how to extend your wheelchair’s battery life. From charging best practices to maintenance strategies, ensure your wheelchair is always ready to go when you are.
  • Maintenance and Care: Keep your wheelchair in pristine condition with our comprehensive maintenance advice. Learn how to perform routine checks and troubleshoot common issues to prolong the life of your equipment.

 Our user manuals are more than just guides; they are your essential companion in navigating the full capabilities of your wheelchair. With clear, easy-to-understand instructions and practical tips, you can unlock the full potential of your mobility aid.

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Unlock a new level of independence with the Wheellator 3-in-1 Hybrid Electric Wheelchair, designed to provide a versatile mobility solution tailored to your lifestyle needs. This innovative wheelchair merges electric power with manual flexibility, offering you control and autonomy over your mobility.

Powered by two robust 250W brushless hub motors, the Wheellator boasts superior climbing capabilities of 8-12 degrees, making it ideal for navigating slopes and varied terrains. The adjustable handlebar, ranging from 30" to 38.5", can be tailored to fit various user heights, enhancing comfort and usability.

With its compact and foldable design, measuring just 28" L x 12" W x 33" H when folded, the Wheellator is perfect for easy storage and transportation. It weighs only 36 pounds with the battery, ensuring it can be handled with minimal effort.

Travel farther and more freely with a dual battery setup that extends your range up to 16 miles on a full charge. Adjust your speed up to 4 mph to match your pace and environment. The wheelchair is equipped with 10-inch front and 8-inch rear solid polyurethane tires that provide a reliable, puncture-free ride.

The Wheellator also comes with a wealth of complimentary accessories to enhance your mobility experience:

  • An extra Lithium Battery Pack to double your distance
  • Practical additions like a Cup Holder, Cane Holder, and Arm Bag
  • Automotive and Household Chargers to keep you powered up wherever you go
  • Outdoor essentials like a Threshold Ramp, Orange Safety Flag, and a Collapsible Umbrella with Mounting Bracket
  • Extra conveniences like an Oxygen Tank Holder and Heavy Duty Nylon Cover
  • Safety features including an LED Light & Horn

Consider enhancing your coverage with our optional third-year parts warranty, offering peace of mind and protection for your Wheellator. Embrace the freedom offered by the Wheellator 3-in-1 Hybrid Electric Wheelchair, designed to support an active, independent, and versatile lifestyle."**

This description shifts the focus to the electric capabilities of the wheelchair, emphasizing its adaptability and the extensive range of complementary accessories and warranty options, making it an attractive choice for potential buyers on Google Shopping


  • Front Tire: 10 Inches of Solid Polyurethane
  • Rear Tire: 8 Inches of Solid Polyurethane
  • Motors: Two (2) 250 W Brushless Hub Motors
  • Climbing Ability: 8-12 Degrees
  • Handlebar Height: 30″ – 38.5″ Adjustable
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 39″ L x 26″ W x 39″ H
  • Space Between Armrests: 18.5″
  • Seat Height: 21.5″
  • Seat Cushion Width: 17.4″
  • Seat Cushion Depth: 13″
  • Top Of Armrests To Ground: 30.3″
  • Folded Dimensions: 28″ L x 12″ W x 33″ H
  • Weight With Battery: 36lbs
  • Weight Without Battery: 32lbs
  • Range: (With Both Batteries) Up to 16 miles
  • Top Speed: Adjustable, Up to 4mph
  • Battery Type: 24v 10ah Lithium Ion
  • Max Weight Capacity: 265 Lbs

Complimentary Options

  • Extra Lithium Battery Pack
  • Cup Holder
  • Cane Holder
  • Arm Bag
  • Automotive Car Charger
  • Household Charger
  • Threshold Ramp
  • Orange Safety Flag
  • Collapsible Umbrella With Mounting Bracket
  • Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Cover
  • LED Light & Horn

Extended Warranty Option:

  • Third-Year Parts Warranty: $289

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