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Privacy Policy Update: Enhanced Personalization with Google Signals

Effective Date: March 3, 2024

At Showcase Mobility Inc., we are dedicated to enhancing your digital experience while upholding the highest privacy and data protection standards. This update to our Privacy Policy introduces the integration of Google Signals with our existing Google Analytics practices, aimed at enriching your interaction with our services through personalized content and advertising.

Understanding Google Signals

Google Signals extends the capabilities of Google Analytics, allowing us to gain deeper insights into user behaviors and preferences without compromising individual identities. By analyzing combined data on visitation patterns, search and viewing histories, and interactions on partner sites, we offer you a more tailored online experience.

Your Data, Your Control

Your privacy is paramount. Participation in personalized advertising is entirely based on your consent, which you can modify at any time via Google's "My Activity." Here, you have full control over your data, including the ability to review, manage, or delete it.

How to Manage Your Preferences

Opting out of Google Signals is straightforward. Simply adjust your Google Analytics settings to disable data collection for personalized advertising. Rest assured, we do not enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features without your explicit consent.

Commitment to Privacy

We are unwavering in our commitment to protect your privacy. Our practices are continuously reviewed to ensure compliance with evolving legal standards, ensuring a secure environment for your data.

Stay Informed

We encourage you to review this section regularly for the latest updates on our privacy practices. For further inquiries or concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer via:

Transparency builds trust, and by providing clear information about our use of Google Signals, we aim to maintain a transparent and respectful relationship with our users.