Showcase Mobility Inc, Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchairs

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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Showcase Mobility Inc. – Empowering Mobility for Everyone

At Showcase Mobility Inc., our essence transcends the mere concept of a business—we are a dedicated team on a profound mission. With passion at our core, innovation as our compass, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing mobility, we have devoted ourselves to elevating the quality of life for those in need of mobility support.

Our Story

The seed of Showcase Mobility Inc. was planted from a fundamental yet impactful realization: mobility is akin to liberation. With this knowledge, we set forth to establish a company that embodies customer satisfaction, exceptional product quality, and universal accessibility. Our founders, Joshua Skaggs and Jordan Spencer, have blended their diverse skill sets, rich experiences, and shared vision to bring Showcase Mobility Inc. to the forefront of the mobility industry.

Joshua Skaggs,After becoming a proud member of the local 80 sheet metal workers union and obtaining both the hands-on skills and strategic foresight necessary for leading Showcase Mobility. His role is pivotal in ensuring that our products are not only of the highest quality but also incorporate innovative features that respond to the real-world needs of our customers.

Jordan Spencer, as the co-founder, complements the vision with his business acumen and deep understanding of customer service. With a background deeply rooted in the medical industry, Jordan has a nuanced appreciation for the importance of quality and service. His insights into the healthcare needs of our clients ensure that we consider the practicalities of daily life in each product we offer.

Our Philosophy

We hold a firm belief that mobility is an essential right, not a privilege. This belief is deeply embedded in our philosophy of supplying only the finest, most durable, and pioneering mobility products. Our catalog spans from cutting-edge power wheelchairs to adaptable mobility scooters, each carefully vetted and rigorously tested to meet our exacting standards.

Our Commitment

The pillars of Showcase Mobility Inc. are:

  • Quality: Our selection process is stringent, ensuring that only products that exemplify reliability and durability make it to our customers.
  • Innovation: We are continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and design to refine the user experience.
  • Service: Our customer service team is not just knowledgeable; they’re compassionate and always available to support you, guaranteeing a smooth and supportive purchase journey.
  • Community: We are in the business of fostering connections, building a supportive community that stands tall together.

Join Our Journey

We warmly invite you to delve into our range of mobility solutions and become a part of the Showcase Mobility family. Whether you are seeking information, making a purchase, or in need of guidance, rest assured that we are here for you at every juncture.

Together, let’s embark on a path towards a more accessible and independent future.