Electra 7 Heavy Duty Portable Folding Power Wheelchair


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The Electra 7 HD Heavy Duty Wide Seat Power Wheelchair has a 21 inch wide seat and the option to have 24 inches between the two arm rest with a weight capacity of 400 lbs and only weighs 50 lbs. The Electra 7 HD - Wide has large 12.5 inch rear tires delivering lots of traction and a  smooth ride.


Two high powered 250 watt motors providing plenty of power even when going up hills and inclines. The Electra 7 HD Wide Wheelchair also comes with a second extra backup battery giving users that added range to go long distances without the concern of a dead battery.

Wow, the Electra 7 HD Wide is extremely light and easy to manage, it is perfect for air travel, trains, busses and cruise ships or any trips that are long-distance its also both FDA & FAA travel approved!

The Electra 7 HD comes with TWO (one is FREE) Airline Compliant Non Spillable Lithium-Ion Batteries and it folds up into a compact space allowing it to fit in the trunk or back seat of most any vehicle.

The Electra 7 is designed specifically for big individuals weighing 400 pounds or less giving them the freedom that average size individuals have with a lightweight foldable power wheelchair.

There are many details that make the Electra 7 Power Wheelchair a smart choice. Another feature is the MEMORY FOAM Seat Cushion. Not only is it comfortable, the breathable mesh fabric that covers the memory foam is easily removed and washable for lasting freshness.!

  As seen in the photo to the left the Electra 7 has been folded and placed inside of a vehicle with a smaller trunk and their is still plenty of space for other items in this trunk..!



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Fun colors available allowing users to select a traditional Silver, Blue or choose a more unique color like Pink, Yellow, Red or Black.



Please review the specifications below as you will find every thing you need to possibly know about the Electra 7 Bariatric Power Wheelchair from the dimensions both folded and unfolded, speed, turning radius, ground clearance, solid tires and size and much more.

The heavy duty Electra 7 HD has easy slide in and out batteries, that slide right inside the frame on both sides without any need for plugs. You don't even have to bend over to remove them or insert them.


Remember the Electra 7 HD folding power wheelchair has a 400 pound capacity and only weighs 50 pounds with a 21 inch wide seat and large 12.5 inch rear flat free tires.

Although 50 pounds is super lightweight for a 400 pound capacity portable power wheelchair some people simply cant lift the 50 pounds. That is why we have two different lifts available to lift your Electra 7 in and out of a vehicle. (see below).

The Electra 7 HD foldable power wheelchair is very comfortable utilizing a memory foam seat adding to its smooth ride. In addition it is also extremely reliable due to its exceptional construction and all four tires are flat free.

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Specification Metric Imperial


Electra 7 HD Wide

Unfolded Size 863 * 609 * 914 mm (L*W*H) 34" * 24" * 36" (L*W*H)

Folded Size

584 * 330 * 787 mm (L*W*H)

23" * 13" * 31" (L*W*H)

Weight Capacity

180 kg

400 Lbs
Width 533mm 21" Inch
Depth 421mm 17" Inch
Height 457mm 18" Inch
Back height 400mm 15.75" Inch





brushless DC motor


Rated Power

250 W*2pcs


Input Power

DC 24V


Brake System

intelligent electromagnetic brake






lithium battery



6 Ah*2pcs / 144 Watt Hr


Output Voltage

DC 24V



Standard with two





Type/Plug Type

assist type/European standard, 2 core


Input Power

AC 100-220 V, 50-60Hz

International (Use Anywhere In The World)

Output Voltage/Current

DC 24V, 2A


Front Wheel



Front Casters

(180 mm x 45 mm)

(7" 1.77")


solid tire








Rear Wheel



Outer Diameter/Tire Width

(320 mm x 57 mm)

(12.5" 2.25")


Solid tire











Without Battery

23.5 kg

50 Pounds

With two Batteries


58 Pounds

Maximum Grade


14 Miles

Driving Range

24km/ two batteries

28 Miles

Max Speed

6 km/h

(3.75 mph)

Turning Radius

835 mm


Highest Obstacle Capability

40 mm

Owners Manual Electra-7-Manual  
Electra 7 Video Electra-Info-Video-7.mp4  
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The Electra 7 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair


The Electra 7 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
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Electra 7 Bariatric Portable Power Wheelchair


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